Cerium occurs naturally as a mixture with other rare-earth elements in its principal ores bastnaesite and monazite. After extraction of the metal ions into aqueous base, Ce is separated from that mixture by addition of an oxidant followed by adjustment of the pH. This step exploits the low solubility of CeO2 and the fact that other rare-earth elements resist oxidation.
The primary emerging application of applied CeO2 materials is in the field of catalysis. The principal industrial application of cerium oxide is for polishing.
Cerium oxide has found use in infrared filters, as an oxidizing species in catalytic converters and as a replacement for thorium dioxide in incandescent mantles
CeO2 is used to decolorize glass by converting green-tinted ferrous impurities to nearly colorless ferric oxides.
Due to the significant ionic and electronic conduction of cerium oxide, it is well suited to be used as a mixed conductor, with significant value in fuel cell research and development.
Cerium oxide nanoparticles (nanoceria) have been investigated for their antibacterial and antioxidant activity.

Item Result
CeO2/TREO 99.98%
TREO 99.60%
La2O3 0.01%
Pr6O11 0.01%
Nd2O3 0.01%
Sm2O3 0.01%
Y2O3 0.01%
Eu2O3 0.0001%
Gd2O3 0.0001%
Tb4O7 0.0001%
Dy2O3 0.0001%
Er2O3 0.0002%
Tm2O3 0.0002%
CaO 0.002%
Fe2O3 0.009%
L.O.I 0.30 %
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